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Weekly Weigh In- Week 8


Friday has arrived, and you know what that means: weekly weigh in. The eighth week since I’ve been tracking the number and posting it here for all to see.

But, before we get to the number lets talk about my goals last week, and what I did this week in order to end up with the number I did.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week my goal was to give up hitting the gym so early in the morning, because I just couldn’t get out of bed. I planned to instead work out on the days after work.

Result: I didn’t expect this week to be as hectic and stressful as it has been. It sounds like an excuse, but my wife started back to school as did the kids, and it created a drastic shift in our schedules. I barely made it to TKD this week even, because things were just crazy. I did include more walks with me and the kids, and hit up some Just Dance, but I didn’t accomplish my goal of making it to the gym.

This Week’s Goal: My goal this week is to re-establish some of my nutritional goals and to work on the best way to bring out new health habits into our new schedule.


So now what everyone is here for: what did the scale say?

I knew this would happen eventually, and after last week’s unexpected loss I was worried it would be soon.

  • Beginning Weight: 335 pounds / 58% Body Fat
  • Previous 8/17: 310 pounds / 49.3% Body Fat
  • Current 8/24: 315.4 pounds / 50.2% Body Fat

Weight Gain This Week: 5.4 Lbs / .9% Body Fat

Total Weight Loss: 19.6 Lbs / 7.8% Body Fat

I had a lot of sodium last night and the meal was heavy, so I did expect something of an upswing. I also have been slipping on nutrition because of a lot of stress in the last couple of weeks, and haven’t been drinking my water. So I know what caused this gain, I just didn’t expect such a drastic set back.

I didn’t want to share this today, nobody ever likes to share when they fail. That is the problem with so many weight loss stories though, we just see the before and after, not the struggles on the way there. The graph of weight loss almost never is just a straight shot down, so I’m going to have to contextualize this as lesson learned and moved on.

Of course I’m dissapointed, but I’ve tracked the errors and I know where and why they happened. That is a big success compared to my past, when I would have just thrown up my hands and gave up.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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