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Weekly Weigh In- Week 9


Friday has arrived, and you know what that means: weekly weigh in. The ninth week since I’ve been tracking the number and posting it here for all to see.

But, before we get to the number lets talk about my goals last week, and what I did this week in order to end up with the number I did.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week my goal was getting back to basics and figuring out how to adapt these new fledgling habits into our new, hectic schedule.

Result: As you can expect from reading my other post this week it didn’t go great. I did manage to turn things around mid-week, but it has been rough.

This Week’s Goal: I’m getting back to basics. I stated this in my article, but I’ve really been struggling. After 3 weeks of being more or less off the wagon, I have to redevelop my new healthier habits all over again.


So now what everyone is here for: what did the scale say?

  • Beginning Weight: 335 pounds / 58% Body Fat
  • Previous 8/24: 315.4 pounds / 50.2% Body Fat
  • Current 8/31: 315.8 pounds / 50.1% Body Fat

This Week: +4 Ounces / -.1% Body Fat

Total Weight Loss: 19.2 Lbs / 7.9% Body Fat


I honestly expected to gain after the week I’ve had nutritionally, and only my increase in physical activity is what saved me in this case. I’m committed to losing weight, so this temporary plateau is just that: temporary. This weekend I have one cheat meal planned for a family event, but outside of that I plan on really working on redeveloping habits.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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