Home Button: A Look Back at 2018


Why hello there!

Yes, indeed I am not dead, and I shall give you a slightly brief explanation of where I’ve been for the past month. True, my content has slowed down in the past, but I’ve never been completely AWOL for a month before, and though many of you likely don’t care I would like to let you know what I’ve been up to.

More importantly this will be a year in review of Home Button–a very important year in review as 2018 was the first that Home Button existed. Later this week I’ll detail where I see the site going, as well as events around Home Button’s anniversary on the 10th.

As for where I’ve been, well, life happened in the month of December. I had spent a lot of November prepping on buying a new house, which was a significant amount of work in and of itself, but that also entailed sorting things, packing, etc. Long story short, I had two separate house purchases fall through at the very end, one on the day before I had to be out of my house, and that meant a weekend of hard labor as I moved into a lovely rent home.

This was followed by letting my anxiety and OCD carry me away as I obsessively put boxes away with very little sleep in preparation for hosting a Christmas party, followed by Christmas itself, and then a week of what surely have must been the plague—a stomach bug that absolutely wrecked me, the wife, and both my kids.

I’ve not been completely idle in that time when it comes to writing, however, as I’ve been a part of numerous collaborations.


What I’ve Been Doing


You can read my Question of the Month for the awesome Later Levels. As you all know I’m also a part of the wonderful Well-Red Mage and frequently post there—you can catch me in the Christmage Collaboration on Day 7 as I talk about a favorite Christmas memory, read my fun “The Troll Who Stole Christmage” posted on the eve of the event, and even read me campaigning for God of War as the Best of 2018 winner for the site. Everyone will be voting on their favorite after the event concludes, choosing the winner of the event in the end, so do the right thing and vote for God of War.

I was also very recently on the Mage Cast talking about my favorite game of all time, Breath of the Wild, and you can catch that here.

Whew, I’ve been a very busy lad after all it would seem, just not taking care of my loyal readers!

Looking back at the last year it was far more than I expected, especially for a blog I started to pursue as an old passion after losing my father in late 2017. So what were some of the highlights?


The Numbers


In 2018 Home Button got 8,033 views, with 5,757 of those being from unique visitors. While this might not seem like much compared to many sites, to have so many people read my content means more to me than I can say. You all had a lot to say also, with 462 comments posted.

My most popular post was breaking some news on Totaku, not exactly the hottest of collectible items, but more popular than you might imagine. A mind numbing 2,655 of those site visits were for 12 More Totaku Leaked. The runner up was my second post to the site, which garnered 1,682 views (most to argue with me I think) on The 5 Best Nintendo Switch eShop Games.

Though these were my highest in views, I wanted to pick ten things I wrote this year that I was most proud of, and share them below, in no particular order.


The Posts


My Favorite Game For Every Year I’ve Been Alive – This was just an absolute blast to do, and made me realize a large way I denote the passage of time is through my most beloved past time.

My 10 Favorite Amiibo – I’m a total amiibro, and this was just so much fun to do. With so many more coming out, does my list need to be updated? Maybe look forward to that for this year!

My 10 Favorite Games Of All Time – This is an ongoing thing I keep updated, but if you really want to know me gaming wise, here is the best place to look. I need to replace Smash U with Smash Ultimate, but this is still pretty accurate.

Videogames and Violence: A Scapegoat for a Larger Issue – I seldom write about things that are actually important. This is one of those things.

A Look Back at the Launch of Nintendo Switch – This was one of the most fun launches I’ve ever had, and it was so good reminiscing on it. For that matter the whole year birthday event for the Switch was fun. I also wrote about all the retail games I played on Switch in 2017, all the digital games I played on the Switch in 2017, and what I thought the Switch needed to do to stay successful.

How Rime Taught Me About Grief– A very heartfelt post dealing with the very personal subject of the death of my father. A lot of people identified with this post, and even more reached out to me to say it helped them in some way. I don’t know how I could be more proud of anything.

Best to Worst: Every Legend of Zelda Ranked – It wasn’t easy to rank my favorite series,  but I’m still proud of it.

A Smashing Inktober: Days 1 – 5 – I am not an artist, or at least I’ve always told myself that. Life got me distracted enough I never finished Inktober, but I had so much fun trying. It also made me realize that as adults we simply say “we can’t” to mean “we usually don’t”. I look forward to growing my artistic talents in 2019.

+1 to Joy: Amiibo – I started the +1 to Joy article series to combat some of the depression I was feeling, and explaining why I love these hunks of plastic was one of my favorites.

Photo Mode: The Pirate Brothers Three – I had to pick at least one Photo Mode for this list–a recently neglected feature on the site that helped define the early days of Home Button. This wasn’t the prettiest or most artistic, but it made me smile the most as I thought back to all the great times I had with my family in Sea of Thieves.


Collaboration, Awards, and Cool Stuff


I didn’t just write cool stuff though, I also got to hang out with some of the coolest dudes in gaming: that is right, the Mages over at the Well Red Mage. I was accepted into their illustrious order as The Mail Order Ninja Mage just a scant month after I started Home Button. I don’t regret it for a second, I’ve met some of the best people I’ve met across my entire internet experience.

I’ve done several collaborations with them and a handful of reviews, in addition to some great interviews. You can check all of that out here, or see my amazing stat sheet at my author page here. I also partnered with the incredible Ryan from Games with Coffee (A.K.A. The Hyperactive Coffee Mage) who interviewed me this year. ME!

In addition Home Button was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Awards, got a Nice Job Badge from Matthew over at Normal Happenings and I was peer voted to join a great group of people on a Facebook group of like-minded gaming bloggers.

I also visited my favorite local yearly convention as Press this year! That is right, Home Button got to interview and hang out with actual developers, media, and industry folk AND hand out my very first Home Button swag—a cheaply made button with my mostly terrible self-made logo. I was incredibly excited and proud to hand it out to people! My biggest article out of that was a preview of EarthNight from the talented folks at Cleaversoft, which you can check out here. I was even followed by one of my new favorite authors after doing a +1 to Joy on their work, The Yamada Monogatari series.


All in all it has been an incredible year on WordPress, and I couldn’t thank my community of bloggers, and those outside of it, enough for reading the thousands upon thousands of words I’ve written this year.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for visiting the site, I hope it brought you even the smallest amount of happiness. Thank you for being so kind and courteous in the comments, even when we disagreed.

Please stay tuned to the site, follow me on Twitter (personal and Home Button), Instagram (personal and Home Button), or Facebook–maybe go wild and follow on all of it.

I’ll be posting about where the site is going in the next few days, so keep it locked here, and have a great day everyone!

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