Regarding My Well Red Mage Content

Hey there everyone, long time no type. Last night I had a very public falling out with someone I once considered a friend via Twitter, and it affects some content on this page.

UPDATE: As of January 2022, The Well Red Mage no longer exists as a webpage. In this article I stated that all the links would remain up, but since the website is no longer a valid one, it doesn’t really make sense to leave up links to a dead website.

Because of these reasons, I thought we might discuss it in more depth here. I will be discussing a brief overview of what occurred, but I won’t be linking to the specifics, and this isn’t going to be a place where I disparage that person. I don’t want my platform to be a place where someone wouldn’t have a voice, so if the individual wants to comment I won’t block it and if you really want to find the full conversation on Twitter and make your own judgement about it, it is readily available. To be up front and transparent I do not claim complete innocence in the events, or the consequences.

I’ve been with The Well Red Mage in some capacity for nearly three years now, and in that time I’ve had some fantastic discussions, passionate debates, and made many new friends via the Discord channel and on Twitter. Many of you reading now–maybe only the people reading now–come from that group, and I’ve come to deeply respect and admire almost all of you. I had written dozens of interviews, articles,  and even poems and stories for the site. Whenever I wrote a piece on Well Red I would write a preview on my site and link back to their site. In direct correlation to this falling out, not only did this individual block me on Twitter and boot me from his Discord channel, but everything I wrote for his site has been removed.

After thinking about it I’ve decided I will leave all preview articles as is, still linked to the website, though they all now generate 401 errors. The individual links directly to the site shall not be removed either, both in this post and in all previous posts. Please keep this in mind if you choose to click on the links. I could remove them so that my site will be cleaner, with no broken links, but at the end of the day there are so many fantastic writers that work for the site that deserve to have their things read. The owner of the site doesn’t change that, and honestly, a great deal of his stuff is fantastic as well.

If you only want to read as far as how this affects Epic Drop going forward, then you can stop reading here as the rest may not be relevant to you.

For fellow Mages that don’t want to go through every tweet and can’t understand what is happening I’ll sum it up as efficiently as possible. In the Discord The Well Red Mage (who I shall refer to from now on by his real name, Moses) and I often had heated debates and discussions about a myriad of topics, so it likely doesn’t surprise any of you we might debate or argue on Twitter. Nevertheless I have a great deal of respect for Moses, and I’ve never let our differences and disagreements stand in the way of calling him a friend.

On June 11th, 2020 there was a PlayStation 5 reveal event happening and Moses had posted a tweet asking what people were expecting, their predictions, and what they might be excited about. There was a great deal of well meaning fun to be had, some genuine excitement, and also several glib and negative remarks made for no reason other than to tear the event down. I should have just continued scrolling, but that sort of constant cynical negativity had been getting to me in other avenues lately, and so I interjected. We had a brief exchange, I was accused of policing thoughts, and I quickly backed out of the conversation. I thought, perhaps he had a point, and it wasn’t my place to interject at all. I only bring this up because I feel it primed the frustration that was inherent on the day of the discussion on Twitter.

Last night, June 12th 2020 and into the morning of June 13th 2020, I had a heated debate and argument about the violence in The Last of Us 2 with Moses. Towards the end things turned from debate into attacks of a more personal nature, on both sides, and I’m ashamed of the part I played in furthering it. I wish now that I had continued to scroll through–something I’m trying to work on in all angles of my life and social media–and not have allowed some of the comments being said or snide remarks about the type of person who would play this game to offend me personally. I often wear my heart on my sleeve, especially during these difficult times, and so I let things get out of hand and continued to double down and argue.

That is the long and short of it. What was said, the remarks on both sides, aren’t as important as the end result–I lost the ability to connect with many of my friends and had my content for a site I’m proud of scrubbed from the internet. This is well within Moses’ right to do as this is his channel and site, and while it breaks my heart, it isn’t something that is reprehensible. He feels best in cutting all ties with me, and I will respect his wishes in those regards.

In anger I pulled my pledge last night from Patreon, but I had meant to cancel all my Patreon subs due to financial issues anyway and had just been lazy in getting around to it. Once I’m no longer furloughed or unemployed (however that particular blade falls) I intend on renewing and likely at a higher tier in order to support all the talented writers at The Well Red Mage.

I apologized to Moses for my part in the events on Twitter (though it was too late at that point), as well as sent a longer private apology for both my perceived and real slights to him via Discord. I wish things hadn’t ended on such a hateful note, but these things are beyond my control at this point, and I want to be clear that I truly wish Moses and The Well Red Mage site nothing but the absolute best. Though the end was harsh and discordant, know that I will always consider my time at Well Red Mage and the people I met there as one of the true gifts of my life, sometimes in moments where I needed them dearly.

Be kind to each other and enjoy gaming. If you disagree with an opinion, be respectful of it, and don’t let it devolve in the way our interaction did last night. Personally, I plan on continuing to learn and grow from it, along with really examining some criticisms launched at me by my previous friend in our discussion.

For one last time, The Mail Order Ninja Mage signing off.

Have an awesome weekend everyone.


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