About Epic Drop

Hello and welcome to Epic Drop, which is a combination of two passions of mine–gaming and fitness.

These two things might sound like they are completely opposed, but gamers need fitness the same as anyone else, and with the world of gaming constantly expanding to include more and more people the lines are becoming more blurred as to what being a gamer means. The idea of silly tropes about basement dwelling neck beards that only play games is slowly going away, and in its wake is something closer to reality–gamers are lawyers, doctors, women, children, elderly, and pretty much everyone else who spends a decent amount of time playing video games. Whether you shake it six days a week to Just Dance, or spend inordinate amounts of time on Candy Crush, you are indeed a gamer. The fact is that we are all a combination of all of the things we love, and I want to share those two things with you.

If you’ve only come for the video games, welcome,  I hope you’ll be happy with the content I have here. I’ve brought over all of the writings from my soon to be shuttered blog Home Button that started all of this for me. If you are following me from that site thank you for every single comment, anytime you ever engaged with my writing, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me on this new journey. I hope to continue to strive to provide you with articles, opinion pieces, reviews, and other video game musings from my own unique voice.

If you are only here for fitness motivation or support, welcome as well! Though I’m currently obese I have accrued nearly 13 years of expertise from trying a billion different diets, listening to podcasts, doing an insane amount of reading on the subject, and finally finding something that actually works for me. I’m currently working on losing weight, and I hope to continue with sustainable weight loss that I can maintain permanently and I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I plan to post links to recipes, talk about video games that you can use to lose weight, tools I’m using, and just sharing with you the reality of what weight loss looks like–including all the ugly bits.

Welcome to Epic Drop. Let’s enjoy some awesome video games together and level up in real life while we are at it.