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Tracking Your Food – A Key to Success

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Regardless of whether I’ve kept the weight off or not, every time I’ve successfully lost weight there has always been one thing in common–tracking my food. Continue reading

Morning Motivations

Recovering From A Binge


You’ve been doing great with your new healthier eating habits. Weeks have turned into months, and you still find yourself on track. Then one weekend you decide to go on a little trip, and next thing you know one large pizza turns into two or three days of stuffing your gob with everything you’ve been craving.

In the past you might decide to quit and give up at this point, or you let the guilt eat you alive to the point that you just don’t bother. Take heart though, that binge doesn’t have to be your undoing. In this article I’ve collected a number of things you can do to recover from a binge, and the steps you can do to stop one from happening in the first place. Continue reading

Morning Motivations

Deskercise: Success While Sitting

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My job is a sedentary desk job, which I’m sure a good deal of you reading out there have as well. Spending so much time sitting down obviously isn’t great for your goals, but maybe it doesn’t have to be. I’ve done a little research I’d like to share with you about things you can do to bust the bulge, even if you are sitting down. Continue reading